Candlenut Oil (Kukui Oil) – 100% natural

Barb T – This oil feels amazing on my skin, i have such dry skin, its so nourishing

Lynda J – I highly recommend Kimi Candlenut Oil. Have just ordered 5 bottles, Nothing in Australia has ever helped my Psoriasis

BCP Oil (Beta Caryophyllene) 100% Organic

Jane N- I have only been using this BCP oil after it was recommended to me so far the results are better than i could imagine, i suffer terribly with Stress and depression and i am finding i am so calm and can face the day, i sleep soundly now too, i didn’t want to try anything that was illegal and clearly there was no need to, highly recommend

Carol G – So far so good, I am loving the effects of this oil, and the fact its LEGAL

Bryan – BCP has seriously changed my life. So happy. First time drug free in over 30 years. Even my doc is amazed. 2 drops morning, lunch and night.

Eva – I have severe frozen shoulder, it’s what comes with hard work and mature age. There is no cure and the relief option was a cortisone needle suggested by my doctor but I declined. So I started searching for an alternative. I saw this oil on T.V and decided to give it a try. I went to my local Chemist, she was really interested but did’nt have any but would order some. I tried three other Chemist, they did’nt have and never heard of it. So I contacted the company and ordered a bottle. I received that the day before and applied as stated. It is sheer agony to lift my right arm above my shoulder, no way. I can not lift anything with a little weight. Any way I took a couple of drops, it was yuck and rubbed some on my shoulder and arm. As I am moving through the day my arm felt light, not heavy like I’m carrying it if you know what I mean. And I’m mumbling to my-self and saying it can’t be that good, and I’m swinging my arm just lightly, then, I go to Thomas and say look at this, and I’m swinging my arm above my head and punching the air. Unbelievable. My arm is still sore, but it is not agonisingly painful. The Chemist messaged me and said they had received their order so I shot down and bought another two bottles. Love it.

Mary – Wow is all I can say, this BCP Oil is fantastic, I have had great results

Diane – if you are sceptical about the BCP Oil like I was, do it… try it I can’t be without it now, amazing stuff👍

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