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  • bcp 10ml

    BCP Oil (Beta Caryophyllene) 100% Organic


    Beta-Caryophyllene – BCP for short. BCP is found in many plants – black pepper, clove, hops and copaiba oil are a few good sources. BCP is also found in hemp and cannabis.

    It can assist with:

    • Pain
    • Anxiety / Stress
    • Insomnia
    • Inflammation
    • Improving mood
    • Lowering Cholesterol
    • Protection against some cancers
    • Osteoporosis

    It has a clove taste
    Available only as a 10ml bottle

    We import this from the USA. Clove leaf does not grow in the USA, so they distill in Indonesia (Country of origin). It’s produced via steam distillation. So only water and heat are used. No solvents.

    Due to the steam distillation process it’s not possible for heavy metals to come across the still due to boiling point discrepancies.

    Everything is produced under ISO 9001 of FSC 22000 standards (world class).

  • Kimi Candlenut Oil

    Kimi Candlenut Oil (Kukui Oil) 100ml $28.95


    Candlenut Oil (Kukui Oil) – 100% natural

    For glowing, healthy looking skin

    Candlenut Oil is easily able to penetrate the skin leaving it smooth and silky looking more attractive and healthy. Unlike many oils Candlenut oil will not leave your skin feeling uncomfortably greasy. It contains many important minerals as well as antioxidant like Vitamin A, C & E.

    They help protect against cell damage done by environment free radicals and basically perform anti – aging function. Not only does it help you achieve a healthier complexion, but Candlenut Oil can be applied to wrinkles, crows feet and other skin blemishes to diminish their appearance.

    100ml Bottle = $28.95 inc postage Australia Wide