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Kimi Candlenut Oil (Kukui Oil) 100ml $28.95


Candlenut Oil (Kukui Oil) – 100% natural

For glowing, healthy looking skin

Candlenut Oil is easily able to penetrate the skin leaving it smooth and silky looking more attractive and healthy. Unlike many oils Candlenut oil will not leave your skin feeling uncomfortably greasy. It contains many important minerals as well as antioxidant like Vitamin A, C & E.

They help protect against cell damage done by environment free radicals and basically perform anti – aging function. Not only does it help you achieve a healthier complexion, but Candlenut Oil can be applied to wrinkles, crows feet and other skin blemishes to diminish their appearance.

100ml Bottle = $28.95 inc postage Australia Wide


For chronic skin complaints – Psoriasis, Eczema – There is plenty of anecdotal evidence that candlenut oil can help treat and offer relief to common chroninc skin conditions including psoriasis, eczema and acne.

To protect against sunburn – Candlenut Oil gets absorbed very easily into the skin, even into its very deepest layers. When it does this, it helps to form a vital protective barrier which then helps protect the skin for sun damage and other types of environmental damage. It is often used to protect against sunburn on the island Hawaii and can also protect your skin against windburn and chapped skin.

For treating wounds – Candlenut oil can also be used to treat minor wounds, burns and bites. One study found that the bark of the tree helped stimulate healing from burn damage to rats. The same study demonstrated that the extract could expedite healing time and also appears to promote the production of collagen.

For use on dry hair or Scalp – Whilst Candlenut oil is best known for its skin belefits, it is also a popular hair and scalp treatment, used as a treatment for dry hair especially hair damaged by exposure to the dry and hot elements.

The healthy fatty acids and amino acids present in the oil easily penetrate the shafts of the hair to keep it looking and feeling moisturised, nourished and healthy. Because of tis healthy nutrient make up, Candlenut Oil is an excellent remedy for dry, itchy scalp and also for dandruff.

It essentially has the same regenerative benefits for the scalp as it has on your skin. According to various online articles, the linoleic acid in the oil makes it a very handy and effective leave in conditioner for the hair capable of restoring moisture and imparting more gloss and shine.

Has Anti microbial Effects

Several studies have also demonstrated that Candlenut tree extracts have antimicrobial effects against various bacteria and funci including Staphyloccus aureus. This can also help speed up wound healing while protecting against the spreaad of bacteria.

It is possible that Candlenut oil has applications against fungal skin infections like Jock itch, Nail Fungas and Dandruff through studies into its efficiency against conditions do not exist.